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Weird bug. On Lock Screen swiping up to see Notifications list, then back down to the clock, overlaps the “Swipe up to unlock” text and the weather widget.

Weird bug. On Lock Screen swiping up to see Notifications list, then back down to the clock, overlaps the “Swipe up to unlock” text and the weather widget.

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someone made a very pretty #transgender firefox icon. I shared it in the pride channel at work, and someone was like "OMG would totally change my icon if i could" and i was like... "You can!" but it required a few steps of prep (like making an icns file of it).


Instructions on how to replace the icon on macOS in 2nd attached image

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unix history & women 

It makes me sad that the women who are mostly responsible for making Unix on personal computers possible aren't talked about much, because of figures like RMS & Torvalds (and whoever he argued with on usenet - Andy comes to mind) coming to dominate history.

I know shockingly little about Lynne Jolitz, despite her being pivotal to affordable Unix on the i386 being possible.

I know that there were women involved with the development of Coherent but I'd have difficulty even naming them. (seems connected that most of the early 386 Unixes were developed by family business?)

The old Bell Labs documentaries always make it seem like most of the earliest Unix users were women as well.

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Major OBS update is now in beta!

highlights for me are native Apple silicon support with ScreenCaptureKit as well and application specific audio capture on windows (no need to use a plugin anymore!)

Three Scottish Parliament petitions that I would like people in here should support. (Can be signed from anywhere in the world)


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@aimee Yes indeed! And my 2020 talk, from which this one follows, is still online too:

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I'm excited for my #SummerSchool / #WinterSchool presentation tomorrow! Will you join me to hear about ethics, allyship, and building a more equitable world?

Details and signup here:

Good morning; remember your meds. 💖


Genuine could see P&J Live being a good venue for Eurovision next year. Enough on-site facilities to host the related hubbub such as the media center, etc.

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Did you know that the Schengen agreement was signed on a boat between the German, French and Luxembourg borders on this day in 1985?

The agreement would gradually abolish checks at the borders between them: the Schengen Area was born.



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Reconnecting Rainbows Press is proud to be working with @LaCrecerelle on an anthology of works by the survivors of the Section 28 era.

Were you at school in the UK between 1988 - 2003? We are looking for submissions and would love to hear from you!

At a time where new laws prohobiting the support of young LGBTQI+ people are appearing across the world, we need to hear from the people impacted by Section 28 now more than ever.

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Don't talk to the fash, to the terf, to the whatever.

Don't allow them to back and forth with you.

Don't afford them a space in which to say their bullshit.

You see them, you block them, you report them.

You can't facts and logic them, all you can is just amplify their bs into your community.

That's the only reason they talk to you.

They are not hanging around to be convinced.

Block them, report them. 

So, after nearly 20 years of increasing symptoms, we finally think we know what's up with my body. Occupational Therapy has pointed me to a Rheumatologist to get it confirmed, but it's looking like I've got Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (hEDS), finally, a name to put to how I feel, and the pain I get. Feeling so relieved at this progress.

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I expect Johnson is likely to cling on to power tonight, he has the backing of his cabinet and they will be putting pressure onto backbenchers as well. The opposition to Johnson appears not to be as organized as the ERGs to Theresa May, and she survived her vote of confidence. However, as I say above, she won her Vote of Confidence and then went just a few months later. So I suspect Johnson will survive tonight's vote, then still end up out within the next 12 months.

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